Announcement Regarding Lander's UCG Office

April 14, 2012

Lander University will discontinue its operations at the University Center of Greenville, effective July 31, 2012. Although Lander will no longer offer classes at the University Center of Greenville, this change will not have a negative impact on any student program schedule as Lander classes may be taken online, through directed independent study options, or on the Greenwood campus. Lander faculty and staff are committed to helping students reach graduation, and a clear path has been charted for Lander's University Center students to graduate as planned.

Why is Lander's office at the University Center of Greenville closing?

Over the last few years, there have been many state budget cuts that have affected Lander University services and course offerings. Lander's administration has been conscientious and creative in managing budget cuts, with state appropriations reduced to a level comparable to that of the early 1990s.There are only two undergraduate programs offered by Lander through the University Center of Greenville, and because of educational technologies, these programs can be reorganized without negatively impacting students. Some courses may also be offered in the form of Directed Independent Study courses, which would also be advantageous to students, since students would work one-on-one with Lander faculty members, often submitting their assignments online.

Will current University Center students still be able to graduate from Lander University?

Yes. Lander students currently studying at the University Center of Greenville will still be able to graduate from Lander University, completing any remaining classes online, through independent study options or through the main campus in Greenwood. Faculty members at Lander have outlined a specific course delivery plan for each student in Lander's University Center of Greenville program.

Who can students contact if they have questions or concerns regarding Lander's University Center programs?

Questions may be directed to Dr. Renee Love by e-mail at or by phone at 864-388-8215.

How long will Lander's University Center of Greenville office remain open?

The Lander office in Greenville will remain open until July 31, 2012. This date coincides with the end of Lander's summer course offerings in Greenville.

Will Lander re-open the University Center of Greenville office at a future time?

We do not know. As Tolkien once reflected about an upcoming journey, "Not even the very wise can see all ends." The decision to close the Greenville office is related to the current economic situation. Lander, like other state institutions, is trying to conserve resources while maintaining the integrity of its programs and minimizing the impact of budget cuts for students, faculty and staff.

The University Center of Greenville has been an outstanding educational partner, and we have greatly enjoyed participating in this unique educational consortium. We will miss taking part in the University Center of Greenville happenings but will follow those developments with support and fondness, and we hope all of our Greenville and Upstate friends will find many occasions to visit us at Lander.