Self Family Archives Find New Home at Lander University

November 05, 2012
Self Family Records
The Self family archives, now housed at Lander University's Jackson Library, represent "an important part of Greenwood history," according to assistant librarian Mike Berry.
As the result of a recent agreement between Lander University and the Self Family Foundation, the Self family archives now have a new home: the Larry A. Jackson Library.

The archives include books, articles, company records, genealogical records, obituaries, wills, telegrams, letters, photographs and antiques, as well as memorabilia of every kind imaginable, and shed considerable light on Greenwood Mills, the textile industry and one of Greenwood's leading families.

The Self Family Foundation will retain ownership of the collection, according to assistant librarian Mike Berry, but "anybody can have access to it."

Berry said that foundation board members "liked the idea of having it here on campus where an archivist could take care of it, and where it could be stored and preserved." Board members were also motivated by a desire to facilitate research.

Berry, who has been associated with the library for five years, called the addition of the Self family archives "the biggest gift we've had since I've been here."